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How to interpret the Activity Dashboard

Missed task: Any task that is not completed on or before its scheduled due date is considered Missed. As soon as the due date has passed the task becomes missed. If a task is completed after its due date, it is still considered missed.

Overdue task: An overdue task is a missed task that has still not been completed. Once a task is completed it is no longer overdue.

For example, a watering schedule is created and configured to generate weekly watering task starting on Tuesday August 1st, 2017. If the first schedule task is not completed on or before August 8th it becomes overdue and the task is considered missed. If the task is completed on August 9th, 2017 (one day late) that task will no longer be overdue but will still be considered a missed task.

When reviewing the Activity Dashboard it will default to today’s date. To see tasks missed over a specific range of days use the filter quick options or select specific dates to review. To determine which work has not yet been completed check the overdue task count.
Note, when selecting a date filter (Today, 7 days, 14 days or 30 days), the dashboard will show missed tasks from the date selected to today and any tasks that are still currently overdue from the selected date to today. For example, the Activity Dashboard may show zero missed tasks when the ‘Last 7 Days’ filter is selected but overdue tasks displays one or more. This indicates there are tasks that are overdue and still need to be completed however these tasks were not missed in the last 7 days. To discover when the tasks were missed expand the search filter until the number of missed match the overdue. This will tell you when the currently overdue tasks were missed. Also note that when ‘Today’ is selected, the Missed Task count will always be zero. This is because a task that is due today is not considered Missed until tomorrow.